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The Authenticity of Biblical Greece

The ancient world in which the gospel was first realized, mostly through the ministry of apostle Paul, was the borderless Hellenic-Roman realm of the Mediterranean, a world under Roman leadership which utilized the pre-existing and dominant Greek infrastructure, culture and spirit.

The first European territory that Apostle Paul visited and professed Jesus Christ was Greece itself. The cities in Greece that first heard the gospel never became the target of Christian crusades and their monuments were spared. Today these cities are archaeological sites free of later Christian, or otherwise, sacred shrines, and for this reason they are unique in maintaining their authenticity, unaltered and original.

A visitor walking among the ruins of Philippi, Corinth, and other places of Greece that are mentioned in the Bible, can see and touch the authentic locations of several New Testament events, as they have survived throughout the centuries until today. Christians can experience the historicity and authenticity of the New Testament without any alterations that the ‘pious’ pilgrims or the fanatics of the past would have caused, as is the case in other biblical places, i.e. Jerusalem.

The forum of Philippi, the inscription of Gallio at Delphi, the inscription of Erastus in Corinth and the bema of the Roman administration in the same city, are just a part of what the New Testament describes and the impartial researcher or the contemporary Christian can approach, in a completely authentic way.

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