A Word from C.B. Tours founder

As the founder and pastor, for 25 years, of the Hellenic Christian Church, I found myself showing many of my friends, from all over the world, around ancient Athens, Corinth and many more biblical places of Greece. It is something that gives me great pleasure, there's simply nothing better than the moment when my brothers and sisters stare in amazement at the wonders of biblical Greece.

I soon realized that I had a deep desire to share this experience with many more people than just my friends, I wanted all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to be a part of this, and I was positive that they wanted it as well.

So, together with my family, we decided to create a travel agency that would excel in reliability, responsibility and sincerety, focusing on biblical principles with a highly professional approach. With the unwavered support of our local Church we created C.B. Tours.

Our Team

Pastor Memos Sakellariou
Founder & Owner of CBTours
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Vicky Sakellariou
Tour Guides Manager
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Our Mission

Our mission is to present the lands of the New Testament to God's people, to you. We want to introduce you to Biblical Greece, in a way that only born again Greeks can.

Our wish is to give you a very special tour of the places where Ap. Paul and his apprentices set foot, where they preached the gospel for the first time.

We want you to learn about the truths we've known, and witness them like we have, while at the same time finding out for yourself that the New Testament is not just about spiritual truths, it is a history book unlike any other.

We want to enrich your knowledge and enable you to discover all of the hidden facts about the churches of the New Testament, while at the same time learn about the contemporary Churches of Christ in Greece and give you the possibility to meet your Greek brothers and sisters, to learn about today's Greece and its problems and ultimately join them in prayer and worship.

C.B. Tours, Athens, Greece
35A, Dimokratias str., Athens,Greece
Phone: + 30 210 2323604
Fax: + 30 210 2323604
E-mail: info@christianbibletours.org
Member of the Greek Tourism Organization
Registration Number 0260E60000485501

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